Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Rich Pericarp Mangosteen - The "Free" Mangosteen Juice Scam & How To Avoid Them

The "free" mangosteen juice scams are running rampant on the Internet. While some of these scams are quickly shut down by authorities, often they open right back up under a different business name(1*).

Let's get familiar with how this scam works - First, you receive an offer for a brand new mangosteen juice product in which all you have to pay is the shipping and handling (a nominal cost). During sign-up, you are presented with other offers such as a paid magazine subscription, a paid membership to their website, or free upgraded mangosteen juice products.

Once you've completed the registration process that includes providing your credit card details, the steel-cage door is shut, so to speak, and you're locked into the "Free Trial Mangosteen Juice Scam," and this is where things take a very sour turn.

Under the terms of your contract, if you don't cancel your mangosteen juice auto-ship within the first 30 days, you will be charged a monthly mangosteen subscription(2*). Unfortunately, there is no way to cancel as you look for an email address, telephone number, or any other contact information only to find none.

Now, if you are an Internet sleuth, you will need to obtain the company's contact information, so you go to the Internet Domain Registry and search for the domain name.

However, you may reach a dead end and find the mangosteen juice company's website unlisted. The only way to get the mangosteen juice company's information is to either be in law enforcement or know someone with the right connections who is. Then even this becomes almost impossible as most of these mangosteen juice companies operate overseas.

If you were lucky enough to get the mangosteen juice company's contact information, you'd likely find an "out of service" message when you try to call them. If you get lucky, you might reach someone at the company, but you will be put on hold and transferred from one person to another like a ping-pong ball until you give up. In the end, you have hundreds or even thousands of dollars of worthless, watered-down mangosteen juice, a hefty telephone charge, and a loss of time to go along with it!

You may have to resort to disputing the charges with your credit card company, and this could take a couple of months as your bank will have no more success in trying to contact the mangosteen juice company than you have had. 

Ultimately, out of sheer frustration and disgust, you cancel your credit card - another inconvenience! The ordeal has taken about three to six months to fix, and you're stuck with at least two months of mangosteen juice as you can't send the bottles back; you decide to drink the mangosteen juice, which is nothing more than tap water with a little-added flavoring! 

That's how these scammers exploit you by marketing cheap mangosteen juice products and locking you into their bogus subscription plans(3*). This almost always happens with mangosteen juice than it does with capsules as the juice only needs to be mixed with water to dilute it, and unless you have access to a product testing laboratory (which few people do); or know someone that does - you will never know if you're drinking over-priced, watered-down mangosteen juice.


So How Do You Protect Yourself?

First, look to see how long the company has been in business. A company not above-board will be here today and gone tomorrow with no proven service history. 

Second, look at how prominently the company's contact details are displayed on its website. Can you visit them, call them, or do they respond to your emails? 

Natural Home Cures has been in business since 2004, and our contact information is prominently displayed on almost every page of our website.

Third, does the company allow you to buy as little or as much mangosteen as you need, or are they forcing you into a "'subscription?" Alternatively, they may automatically renew your order every month but not officially lock you into a contract; either choice should be considered unacceptable.

Natural Home Cures only offers a "buy as needed" option; we do not have any automatic subscriptions for our products. When you want more mangosteen, contact our company and place your order.

Fourth, does the mangosteen company accept Paypal? Any business should only be interested in receiving your money, not your credit card. Paypal is a fast, easy, and secure way to shop online, and you never have to reveal your credit card details. Most importantly, Paypal offers Buyer and Seller Protection. The Buyer is guaranteed to receive what they ordered, and the Seller is guaranteed payment without the worry of a chargeback. Scammers will never accept Paypal as they want both your money and your credit card. Natural Home Cures prefers our clients use Paypal over credit cards.

For Added Security And Peace Of Mind: Natural Home Cures does NOT store your credit card details. So each time you make a purchase, you must present your payment method. Without storing your credit card details, we can not automatically ship you products as stated above, but more importantly, hackers can not obtain your credit card details either.

Finally, look for the company's money-back refund policy. Most mangosteen companies typically offer you only 30 days from the date of purchase. This means your return window will have already expired by the time you receive the first order. Returning the mangosteen product under the best circumstances hinges on you being lucky enough to contact the company.

Natural Home Cures differentiates itself as we offer you the most prolonged money-back guarantee in the industry: we let you try our product for up to 120 days or longer based on the size of your order.

Sadly, most companies that offer free mangosteen juice trials are crooks. They want your credit card number to lock you into a monthly mangosteen subscription that, if you'd read all the fine print, you wouldn't have signed up in the first place. They sell inferior mangosteen juice products and don't care about your health or well-being.

Natural Home Cures offers 100% Freeze Dried Rich Pericarp Mangosteen. By freeze-drying our mangosteen, we preserve all the healthful compounds, and we sell the result to you, our loyal clients at a fair price. There's no paying for water with us. Don't believe us? Please do your due diligence, then call us with any questions. We know you'll find our reputation for selling top-quality mangosteen at competitive prices well deserved. 

If you're unsatisfied with our Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Rich Pericarp Mangosteen, send it back. No contracts. No fuss. No questions asked. Purchase from Natural Home Cures, a company known for superior quality, reasonable prices, and outstanding customer service for 15 years!

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