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Mangosteen Juice Versus Freeze Dried Mangosteen
What Gives You The Best Health Benefits For Your Money?

If you’re interested in the incredible benefits of mangosteen, there’s no doubt you’ve seen the countless different varieties of mangosteen supplements on the market today. Specifically, we would like to shed some light on the differences between mangosteen juice and freeze-dried mangosteen capsules.

At Natural Home Cures, they use the process of freeze drying because it’s the only way to take raw mangosteen and create a stable, nutritionally complete supplement.(1*) We’ll take a look at why Natural Home Cures freeze-dries their mangosteen a little later. For now, let’s look at how mangosteen “health” juices are made.

Did You Know Mangosteen Juice Is Not 100% Juice Of The Mangosteen Fruit?

All mangosteen juice companies use a mangosteen concentrate as the base of their drinks. Exactly how much mangosteen is in the concentrate and how much mangosteen is in each bottle of juice is anyone’s guess as the manufacturers don't provide this information. However, we do know that it's approximately 70% water and 30% mangosteen concentrate.

The problem with this is that of the 30% mangosteen concentrate that is used the concentrate goes through many steps which destroy most of the nutritive benefits of the mangosteen. Concentrates exist because they’re a convenient way to transport and store the base material.

This is incredibly misleading because, as mangosteen juice (from concentrate) contains about 30% mangosteen. The rest of the “juice” is filtered water, preservatives, sugars, and taste enhancers. These additives are required because the process of making a concentrate destroys the nutrients, color, and taste of the concentrated material (2*) A good rule of thumb is never to drink anything made “From Concentrate” as it’s little more than a sugar-slurry, devoid of any nutrition.

Also, preservatives are added to allow the mangosteen juice an indefinite life once opened and the actual milligrams of active mangosteen ingredient (the xanthones in a whole bottle of mangosteen "health" juice) may be far less than what the average person would consume by eating 20 blueberries or blackberries per day.


Mangosteen Juice Contains Sodium Benzoate (Benzyne) Has Been Linked To ADHD & Hyperactivity In Children & Is Also A Known Cancer-Causing Agent

Sodium benzoate is a common preservative used in mangosteen juice products. Although it allows for a long shelf-life, you’ll soon realize it’s nothing you’ll want to drink.

Sodium Benzoate is a naturally occurring chemical, but it can also be synthetically produced from benzoic acid.(3*) The synthetic variety of sodium benzoate is much more concentrated than its natural counterpart. This preservative readily combines with vitamin C to create Benzyne—a known cancer-causing agent.(3*) 

Further, studies have linked sodium benzoate to ADHD and hyperactivity in children. Finally, in a study where sodium benzoate was added to in-vitro human cells, it was shown to greatly increase the DNA damage.(3*)  Within those cells which may be correlated with an increased risk of cancer and other deleterious effects.


Mangosteen Juice Is Also Pasteurized Destroying Many Of The Mangosteen Nutrients & Enzymes Which Are Important To Your Health

Mangosteen Juice is also required to be pasteurized to prevent the liquid from deteriorating and becoming rancid before the bottle is opened and consumed. This is required because the additives put into the juice may re-contaminate the concentrate material.(4*)

To illustrate this point, let's pretend you have some organic fruits and vegetables that you want to turn into juice. So, you get out your juice extractor, cut up your produce, and after running the pieces through your juicer, the result is a glass of fresh juice. But, now you’ve decided you don’t want to drink the juice right away, so you pour it into a bottle with a tight-fitting lid and place it in the refrigerator. You’re a busy person, so you promptly forget you made this freshly squeezed bottle of juice until the bottle catches your eye about a week later.

You take the bottle out of the fridge, open the top and pour it into a glass but this is NOT the same juice you extracted only a week ago. The liquid you’ve poured out of the bottle is discolored, smells a bit like rot, and is slightly fizzy. What happened?

In short, microorganisms. The earth is teeming with bacteria whose function is to break down organic materials.(5*) It’s why bananas rot and why bread goes moldy. It’s tough to avoid all these microorganisms unless you’re working in a clean-room which isn’t practical.  Generally, the more sugar something has, the faster it’s broken down by these little workers as it’s their preferred fuel source. Unfortunately, Mangosteen juice is full of natural and added sugar to make it taste palatable. Without pasteurization, the juice would rot in the bottle long before it got to you, the consumer.

Flash Pasteurization involves heating the mangosteen juice for approximately 20 - 30 seconds then immediately cooling it. By only briefly subjecting the mangosteen juice to high temperatures, most -- but not all -- taste and color changes are avoided. Flash pasteurization is preferred to other methods because it removes most of the microbes and destroys only some of the beneficial phytonutrients found in mangosteen juice.(6*)


The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Requires That Any Whole Fruit Imported Into The United States Must Be Irradiated - Resulting In 2-DBC Which Is A Known Cancer-Causing Agent

Not only must the juice be pasteurized but the fruit itself must be irradiated meaning exposed to radiation, to meet import requirements.(7*) The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) requires that any whole fruit being imported into the United States must be irradiated to prevent cross-contamination from the Asian Fruit Fly.  

The Asian Fruit Fly is an invasive species that has the potential to destroy ecosystems and food production if left unchecked. Note, Natural Home Cures doesn’t import whole fruit to make their product. Thus their supplements are not subject to radiation exposure. While radiation will indeed kill any fly eggs on the product, it carries a host of health risks:

  1. Irradiation destroys food nutrients and may result in eating food with absolutely no nutritional benefit; defeating the purpose of a health drink.(8*)
  2. Irradiation in higher doses alters the chemical composition of foods and can create potentially cancer-causing compounds to form such as 2-DBC, which is thought to be a cancer-causing agent.(8*)
  3. Irradiation can be used to mask unhygienic factory conditions as companies can rely on it to “fix” food that is cross-contaminated or spoiled due to improper storage. So while radiation can kill the bacteria which create toxins that make us sick it does nothing to inactivate any toxins already produced within the food. It's not a substitute for hygienic working conditions.(8*)


Between Mangosteen Juice Being 70% Water, Preservatives, Sodium Benzoate, Pasteurized, & Irradiated Leading To ADHD, Hyperactivity, & Cancer - It's Surprising Companies Call Their Mangosteen Juice A Health Beverage & Even More Shocking Consumers Are Still Buying & Drinking It!

It's, for this reason, Natural Home Cures does not and will never sell mangosteen juice instead Natural Home Cures markets freeze dried mangosteen in capsule form.

Freeze drying refers to the process of taking biological material which is naturally high in water, freezing it and then extracting the ice from that material. Freeze drying is the only process known to preserve biological material in its entirety without destroying the fruits’ or vegetables’ enzymes and nutrients.(9*)

Natural Home Cures places the mangosteen in temperature and pressure-controlled environment. The pressure is lowered to such a significant degree that the ice in the mangosteen "sublimates"—turns from solid to liquid, bypassing the liquid phase. The result is a stable substance with a long shelf life that is lightweight and maintains its nutritional content. To understand how freeze-drying works, we need to explore how the relationship between temperature and pressure affects states of water.(10*)

When we use the term "states of water," we are referring to the solid, liquid, and gas states of water. For example, water in its solid state is ice, water in its liquid form is water, and water in its gaseous form is steam.

Atmospheric pressure affects how long it takes for a substance to move through the various states of matter. As a rule, low temperatures and high pressures favor a solid state while high temperatures and low pressures favor a gaseous state. But pressure can be manipulated to create an even more dramatic effect in phase change called sublimation. This is where water changes phases from a solid directly to a gas: If the pressure is sufficiently low even in the absence of high heat, ice will sublimate.(10*)

Freeze drying results in a pure supplement with all its nutrients intact. It also creates a lightweight supplement which drastically cuts down on shipping costs which means added savings for you. Finally, if you live a busy lifestyle, it’s much more convenient to take a few capsules vs. drink a glass of watered down, full of preservatives and radiation, mangosteen juice.

When choosing a mangosteen supplement, make sure you’re selecting one that provides all the health benefits that you are paying for and one that only Natural Home Cures delivers. Natural Home Cures has been a global health and wellness mangosteen leader for 15 years and has many first-time client specials to try. Just click on the bottle below and you will be taken to the order page to see the current offerings.


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