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ust as Dr. Randy Kidd, DVM, Ph.D. observed, "Our world has become laden with toxins, many of which are carcinogens. Our dogs are exposed to an even higher toxic load than we are; their noses are always sniffing the ground where toxins accumulate. We throw even more toxins into the mix every time we use pesticides or medications to kill internal parasites. We feed our pets foods heavy with artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors. By the time they are a few years old, our pets have been so exposed to the plethora of toxins that exist in their (and our) world; I think every holistic, long-term health maintenance protocol needs to include an entry period of detoxification."

We couldn't agree with this statement more. We intend to change this paradigm and keep our pets as healthy as possible with our Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Rich Pericarp Mangosteen capsules.

Removing Toxins

Consuming mangosteen is a holistic approach for removing toxins from the body. Network antioxidants are also effective in scavenging free radical molecules and repairing tissues. They can also protect the body from the stress of infection, inflammation, and aging. Aging is the oxidation of tissues and their consequent degeneration. In this way, the antioxidants in Mangosteen are an integral part of detoxification.

Benefits Of Mangosteen When Added To Your Pet's Diet

Boost Your Animal's Immune System To Help Prevent And Fight Against Diseases
Mangosteen has shown a remarkable ability to speed up the body's processes and heal viral infections more quickly. When taken as a daily supplement, mangosteen may assist in preventing viral infections.

Fight Harmful Free Radicals
Mangosteen contains catechins, which have been proven to be multiple times more effective against free radicals than the antioxidants Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

Maintain A Healthy Digestive System And Prevent Liver Diseases

One of the effects of aging is the natural decline in stomach acid. This leads to increased bacteria in the stomach and causes diarrhea, cramping, gas, and malabsorption of nutrients. The rind of the mangosteen is mostly made up of fiber. Fiber pushes waste through the colon more rapidly preventing constipation. Fiber can also keep cholesterol in check by removing harmful bile acids.

Help Your Canine Or Feline Friend By Reducing Or Eliminating Arthritis Pain Inflammation

Chronic inflammation can lead to Type II diabetes, cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer's disease, heart disease and other deadly diseases. Xanthones in mangosteen naturally assist in the fight against inflammation at the cellular level by inhibiting COX 2 enzymes. Mangosteen's pain-relieving benefits are helping animals and people all over the world.

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Shelly Bishops from Hillsboro Oregon
I give my older 10-year-old dog, who has joint stiffness, one capsule with a little peanut butter every morning.  After two weeks of use, he once again runs like the wind, as he used to in his puppy years.  My other 5-year-old dog is also consuming your mangosteen for preventive maintenance, and she's doing good too.


Maintain A Healthy Endocrine System And Help Prevent Diabetes, Pancreatitis, etc.
Chronic inflammation is one of the leading causes of Type II diabetes. Because mangosteen is a natural anti-inflammatory agent, it may help with Type II diabetes. Mangosteen is being studied for its ability to lower and regulate blood sugar, decrease appetite, improve energy levels, and reduce the need for hypoglycemic medications. (Although more studies are required to validate this.)

improve muscle and bone support, skin, and help in the maintenance of a healthy coat. 

Pets have the same diseases and illnesses we do. You owe it to them to understand what mangosteen can do for both you and them!

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