Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Rich Pericarp Mangosteen - Do You Know What You're Purchasing?

Natural Home Cures wants to give you the knowledge to make an informed consumer purchasing decision. Below is a comparison between two well-recognized mangosteen suppliers and Natural Home Cures' Mangosteen product. We have listed the first letter of their names only. Although, with a bit of research, you'll quickly be able to identify the companies.

Do You Know What You're Really Purchasing Be An Informed Mangosteen Consumer?

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Company X does not list its ingredients or the amount of the mangosteen they use in its product, citing: "This is a closely guarded secret as we do not want others to copy us."

This statement should be a red flag to any cautious consumer. Why would you put something into your body without knowing exactly what it is? 

Through independent laboratory tests, we have determined that they do not want to disclose this information because the active ingredient of mangosteen is 7 mg/ounce, which works out to 0.025% of mangosteen in each bottle, making the rest of the bottle 99.975% fruit juice. So ask yourself, why are you paying top dollar for a product that consists of apple juice, pear juice, grape juice, pear puree, blueberry juice, raspberry juice, strawberry juice, cranberry juice, cherry juice, and sodium benzoate?

Why would anyone pay $35.00 a bottle of fruit juice that you can purchase at a grocery store for less than $5.00?

As part of its report on the financial success of company X's product, the Associated Press commissioned the Linus Pauling Institute to analyze and compare the antioxidant capacity of the company's mangosteen juice(1*). 

The Associated Press shipped a 750-milliliter bottle of product X to Oregon State University's Linus Pauling Institute at Corvallis for the lab test. The institute measured its antioxidant strength against store-bought juices that sell for a few dollars a bottle.

On a molecular weight scale, X's antioxidants measured 14,884 "micromoles" per liter, slightly higher than cranberry juice, lower than black cherry, and less than half the power of blueberry juice.

Company V also includes 12 full-spectrum vitamins, 65 essential minerals, decaffeinated green tea, and whole-leaf aloe vera in its bottles of mangosteen. However, the sole purpose of consuming mangosteen is for the xanthones; in mangosteen, they are only found in the pericarp.

Natural Home Cures has 120 capsules per bottle with 515 mg of mangosteen per capsule. One capsule of Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Mangosteen made with rich pericarp would require you to take 72 ounces of Company X's at $105. With Company V, you would need 8 ounces at $8.50.


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