Do Your Hands Get Numb? Do Your Fingers, Tingle? Do You Wake Up At Night In Pain Or With A Tingling Sensation?Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Rich Pericarp Mangosteen For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Freeze Dried Mangosteen Capsules Dr. Bob Chu

My name is Dr. Bob Chu, and I am a Clinical Director at the Arthritis Treatment Center. You may be able to get carpal tunnel relief quickly, inexpensively and safely in less than 31 days with the help of Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Rich Pericarp Mangosteen capsules.

Mangosteen fruit has a number of properties, the most prominent being xanthones, a group of compounds that have antioxidant and other potent physiological benefits.

Among the 56+ mangosteen xanthones found in the whole mangosteen fruit, gamma-mangostin has been one of the main subjects of many studies by mangosteen researchers around the world and shown to be very effective as an anti-inflammatory agent.(1)

One research study showed that the mangosteen xanthones were, even more, potent than several anti-inflammatory medications used for arthritis and gout (Clinical, Academic and Medical Laboratory Testing Only, No Long Term Human Testing Was Performed In This Study).

The xanthones found in mangosteen are known to stop inflammation by inhibiting the body's production of the COX-2 enzyme and blocking the process that leads to inflammation.(2) These xanthones achieve this without affecting the blood's clotting mechanism or damaging the stomach lining (which can cause ulcers) as most anti-inflammatory medications do.(3) In fact, one study documented that the mangosteen xanthones helped heal stomach ulcers.(4) Scientists demonstrated that gamma-mangostin is found to be a stronger antioxidant than other compounds known for their antioxidant properties.

Gamma-mangosteen has been proven to be a very effective anti-inflammatory agent.(5) Scientists have shown that it significantly slowed down the body's production of the cyclo-oxygenase-2 (COX-2) enzyme: a key player in inflammatory conditions and the enzyme prescription grade arthritis medications fight against.

Controlling COX-2 production has been found to be an important factor in reducing inflammation and pain. In a recent study (Nakatani, K. et al.), Japanese scientists led by K. Nakatani concluded that gamma-mangostin would be a new useful lead compound for the development of anti-inflammatory medications.(6)

Gamma-mangostin helps stop inflammation by inhibiting the body's production of the COX-2 enzyme that leads to inflammation: It blocks the inflammatory process. One highly prized property gamma-mangostin possesses is its ability to provide this benefit without affecting blood clotting or damaging the stomach lining, two of the potential side effects caused by most anti-inflammatory medications.

My recommendation for carpal tunnel is Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Rich Pericarp Mangosteen capsules.



Is The Carpal Tunnel That You Are Experiencing Threatening Your Career Or Your Enjoyment Of Life?

Freeze Dried Mangosteen Capsules Red Bullet Afraid You'll Lose Your Job?

Freeze Dried Mangosteen Capsules Red Bullet Worried About How You Will Pay Medical Expenses?

Freeze Dried Mangosteen Capsules Red Bullet Scared Of What The Harmful Side Effects Of Medication Are Doing To You?

Freeze Dried Mangosteen Capsules Red Bullet Worried You'll Have to Give Up Activities You Love? 

Freeze Dried Mangosteen Capsules Red Bullet Scared You'll Need Costly Carpal Tunnel Surgery?

Freeze Dried Mangosteen Capsules Red Bullet Is Life Becoming So Unbearable You Sometimes Wish it Would End?

So What Are You Doing About It? Prescription Medication, Medical Devices Or Are You Thinking About Dangerous Surgery? 

Stop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Now With The Help Of Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Rich Pericarp Mangosteen

Most doctors will treat conditions with powerful prescription medication and/or surgery.  If you have back pain your doctor might give you a muscle relaxant, however, if that muscle relaxant does not work, your doctor will give you anti-inflammatory medication which can be harmful as they block the body's natural healing process. Let me repeat that one more time:


Anti-inflammatory Medication Will Never
Successfully Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The nine tendons that go through your wrist are hollow tubes (called sheaths) and become inflamed when irritated. This is due to the fluid that lubricates your tendons becoming dry from repeated movement. When dry, pieces of the tendon and tendon sheath scrape off, it causes further irritation in the tendon. 

This signals your body's immune system to send in fluid "soldiers" called macrophages.  Macrophages are responsible for locating and removing any foreign invaders such as bacteria, dead cells, or anything else that is causing damage.(7)

When you take anti-inflammatory medication, it will numb the area and mask the pain; however, it also stops any chemical alerts that the macrophages receive that an intruder is causing damage to your body.

In the short term, prescription medication may make you feel better, but in the long term, your pain and suffering will become worse because it prevents the macrophages from doing their work.(8)

While some doctors know anti-inflammatory medication should be only given when nothing else natural is going to work; most doctors have been trained by the pharmaceutical communities to offer prescription medication as the only answer to treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. 

Remember, the pharmaceutical companies make money when you purchase their products, and they have absolutely no interest in making sure you get well.  After all, they do not want to lose their jobs any more than you want to lose yours, so their (Big Pharma's) solution is to mask the symptoms of your condition but never address the underlying causes.


Carpal Tunnel Surgery Should Be Your Last Resort

Surgery may be necessary if you are in danger of permanent loss of function. Once you get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, if you choose to do nothing about it, it is only going to get worse, and the odds are stacked against you that your surgery will turn out well.

67% Failure Rate With Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Did you know that less than 1/3 of all patients have any real success with surgery? (9) 

        Results After Surgery
Complete Success - Mobility restored and pain is completely gone.

17% Marginal Success - Improved mobility and decreased pain.
23% Almost No Success - Minor decrease in pain but hands were left weaker than before surgery.
44% No Success Or Worse Than Before - Due to infection, mistakes made in surgery or a misdiagnosis, increased pain, decreased or total loss of mobility of the hands.

Of those who went through with the surgery, 61% reported they needed more than one surgery and/or the pain returned within 6 years and 23% of those in this group reported permanent scarring after surgery.(10)


What Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition in which the median nerve that innervates the wrist is compressed, thereby leading to numbness, tingling and weakness of the affected hand. The most common cause can be long hours of using a computer.

Rheumatoid arthritis is inflammation of the tendons, which leads to compression of the median nerve and can ultimately ignite carpal tunnel syndrome.  Pregnancy can cause fluid retention in the tissues which, also, can lead to swelling and compression of the median nerve. Other health conditions that can cause carpal tunnel syndrome include obesity, acromegaly, tumors and wrist, arm and hand trauma.(11) Genetic predisposition may also play a role.
As the condition progresses, the pain can stretch up to the shoulders. Aside from the pain, there is also a tingling sensation and numbness in the fingers; the thumb, index, middle, and ring fingers. The little finger is not affected since it is not innervated by the median nerve. Constantly dropping objects may be a tell-tale sign of muscle weakness and if carpal tunnel syndrome is left untreated,  it can lead to atrophy or the wasting of muscles in the hand, especially those muscles found in the palm and thumb area.  

How is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Diagnosed?

Aside from the symptoms reported by the patient, there are also several tests done during the physical examination that is used to diagnose carpal tunnel syndrome. One of them is the Phalen’s Maneuver,(12) done by flexing the wrist as far as it can bend. This position is held until symptoms start to appear. If there are no symptoms within 60 seconds, then the person is negative for carpal tunnel syndrome. The rule here is, the earlier that symptoms appear, the more advanced the condition is.
Another way to diagnose the condition is by using Tinel’s Sign.(13) This test is performed by lightly tapping the area where the median nerve is located. Doing so will create a tingling sensation if any nerves are irritated.
The Carpal Compression Test or Durkan Test(14) can also be used. This is done by applying palm pressure over the nerve for 30 seconds and waiting for symptoms to appear. Once symptoms are experienced your physician may prescribe an electromyogram or a nerve conduction study. This will rule out other conditions that are similar to carpal tunnel syndrome.


Is There A Way To Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

In reality, there is no proven method to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. However, most physicians recommend taking frequent breaks from work, especially if you are engaged in a job that glues you to the computer for eight hours per day. Frequently stretching and bending your wrists can help. Also, your posture is important since incorrect posture can cause your neck and shoulder muscles to ache. Working in a cold environment can also contribute to pain and stiffness in the hands, so try to keep as warm as possible.


Safe & Effective Solution In Reversing The Damage Done By Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Using Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Rich Pericarp Mangosteen Capsules

Mangosteen is considered to be an excellent fruit because of its antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Mangosteen supplements may help treat inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, headache, back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome, to name a few. Since inflammation causes pain, it follows that mangosteen may help relieve pain associated with these conditions.

When it comes to the form of a supplement to take, the freeze-dried or powdered form of mangosteen supplements is preferred over the liquid form because the former has no preservatives added. This means that you are going to get all the nutrients contained in mangosteen, without the additives found in the juice form.

Freeze Dried Mangosteen Capsules Offers Three Levels Of Protection

Anti-Inflammation: The amazing benefits acquired from our Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Rich Pericarp Mangosteen Capsules  mostly come from its effective anti-inflammation properties. The pain and inflammation of the affected joints may be minimized greatly with our Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Rich Pericarp Mangosteen Capsules.

Antioxidant: Our Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Rich Pericarp Mangosteen Capsules contain a truckload of antioxidants. Theories claim that the capability to recover and repair cellular damage decreases, as people grow older. The antioxidant properties of our Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Rich Pericarp Mangosteen Capsules help your body's cells stay healthy by efficiently eliminating destructive free radicals thus improving the body's natural process of recovery.

Increase In Energy Allows You To Fight The Disease Process: If you are inflicted with arthritis, your doctor will most likely advise you to seek out a physical therapist. One of the better methods in physical rehabilitation when it comes to the arthritis management would be the introduction of a workout regime to strengthen the joint mechanics. A substantial increase in energy may help you undergo your regular exercise program. Usually, the simple anticipation of pain when starting a workout program can be very challenging. The use of our Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Rich Pericarp Mangosteen Capsules capsules might just offer the needed energy to get you working out and may even aid in the management of anxiety and pain.

You do not have to endure the pain, the numbness or the inability to use your hands any longer. In the process, you may get rid of the pain between your shoulder blades, tennis elbow, rounded shoulders and even your tension headaches and a variety of other symptoms.

Here are just a few testimonials from those using our Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Rich Pericarp Mangosteen Capsules:

Within 3 Months, My Carpal Tunnel Pain Is Completely Gone

For the past ten years, I’ve been suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I took your Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Mangosteen on a recommendation of a friend who’s successfully using your product & I’ve to admit, I was skeptical not expecting any results; After all, I’ve tried many different products & nothing seemed to work.

It took a couple of months of use, but within three months, the pain was completely gone. My compliments on such a wonderful product & at a fraction of a price most similar products charge.

Richard McSween of Mt. Vernon, Missouri


My Carpal Tunnel Has Almost Completely Cleared Up As No Other Product Has Ever Been Able To Do For Me

I wanted to give you this testimonial to let you know that your Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Mangosteen Capsules, work & it’s the only reason I’ve been able to keep my job as a Purchasing Manager for a huge electronic retailer.

You see before coming across your Freeze Dried Mangosteen Capsules, I was required to be at my computer 12-hour days, every day, and the pain was so unbearable that I was scared I was going to have to quit, which would place unbearable financial stress on my family.

After just 30 days of using your product, my Carpal Tunnel has almost cleared up, as no other product has ever been able to do for me.

I was told that as long as I continue to take your product, in a very short time, I will be 100% pain-free.

Sonny Leade of Pottstown, Pennsylvania


I Am Free From Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

My sleep was interrupted with the most annoying discomfort in my hands and wrists. No matter what exercise or anti-inflammatory I took, the pain never stopped.

I started taking Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Mangosteen, and after ten days, I began to notice that my hands were only going numb about three times a day instead of 5-6. I started sleeping through the night and after two months on your mangosteen, I am free from any Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, except when I am driving long distances, gripping my steering wheel, or talking on the phone for extended periods of time.

Deneane Douglas of Bellingham Washington


Try Our Pure Alkaline Water Drops; In Combination With Our Freeze Dried Rich Pericarp Mangosteen For Double Protection & Fantastic Results For Your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Is Your Diet Causing Your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
If you eat a lot of processed red meats and cheeses, fast and refined foods, sugary snacks, chocolates, and pastries, drink a lot of coffee, soda or energy drinks or are consuming a lot of medication. There is a good chance your body’s pH is more on the acidic than an alkaline side of the scale and where you have acidity you have a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, illnesses, and diseases that are the framework to pain and inflammation which is causing your carpal tunnel syndrome.

This is why many clients who are consuming our Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Rich Pericarp Mangosteen are also consuming our Natural Home Cures Pure Alkaline Water Drops with Bioavailable Coral Calcium. Our Pure Alkaline Water Drops offers immune system support by bringing your body into a more alkaline state and neutralizing the acidity that lays within your body. When your immune system is at its optimum performance, your body may better address whatever is ailing you.

Our Pure Alkaline Water Drops are easy to consume as all you need to do is take one of the sachets and place it in 2 liters (quarts) of water and drink throughout the day. Our Pure Alkaline Water Drops offers excellent bone and cartilage support that may have been damaged from the inflammation caused by your carpal tunnel syndrome.(13) Once damaged tissues have been rebuilt, the synovial fluid (the joint’s natural lubricant) will decrease friction which leads to an even further reduction in your carpal tunnel symptoms.

Plus, Natural Home Cures Pure Alkaline Water Drops with Bioavailable Coral Calcium contains over 70 Life-Saving Minerals for even further arthritis support such as:

Boron (As Reported In The Peer Review Journal From National Library Of Medicine)(14) builds healthy bones and muscles that assist in addressing osteoarthritis. It also improves cognitive skills and coordination. Boron is also an effective astringent agent.

Sulfur is an essential trace mineral used for the creation/synthesis of two essential amino acids: cysteine and methionine.(15) Sulfur is thought to combat some specific conditions such as arthritis, carpal tunnel, and rosacea.

Selenium (As Reported In The Peer Review Journal From National Institutes Of Health)(16) makes up part of a molecule in the body that is thought to protect blood cells from certain damaging chemicals. When combined with Vitamin E, selenium helps our immune system produce antibodies. Deficiency of selenium is linked to leukemia, arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Selenium is found in more than two dozen selenoproteins which play critical roles in a variety of biological functions such as reproduction, thyroid hormone metabolism, and DNA synthesis. Further, Selenium acts as an antioxidant Selenium may be especially important for men as it is used to support good prostate health.(17)

For a limited time, Natural Home Cures has packaged our Freeze Dried Rich Pericarp Mangosteen along with our Natural Home Cures Pure Alkaline Water Drops with Bioavailable Coral Calcium into a complete package that you can order today. 


If you Use Our Freeze Dried Mangosteen:

Natural Home Curs Freeze Dried Mangosteen Capsules Blue Checkmark You may keep using the computer. 
Natural Home Curs Freeze Dried Mangosteen Capsules Blue Checkmark You may keep on playing your beloved musical instruments.
Natural Home Curs Freeze Dried Mangosteen Capsules Blue Checkmark You may not have to give up gardening, knitting, sewing, or other activities you love.
Natural Home Curs Freeze Dried Mangosteen Capsules Blue Checkmark Your hands may not get numb when you ride your bicycle, motorcycle, or wash the car.
Natural Home Curs Freeze Dried Mangosteen Capsules Blue Checkmark Your hands may not keep you awake at night,


To sum it up:

Freeze Dried Mangosteen Capsules Red Bullet You do not have to spend thousands of dollars on doctor visits. 
Freeze Dried Mangosteen Capsules Red Bullet You do not need massage therapists, physical therapists or acupuncturists.
Freeze Dried Mangosteen Capsules Red Bullet You do not need special equipment.
Freeze Dried Mangosteen Capsules Red Bullet You can avoid drugs, risky injections, and even riskier carpal tunnel surgery.
Freeze Dried Mangosteen Capsules Red Bullet You will not need to use the latest "AS SEEN ON TV" Gizmos.


Save Hundreds, If Not Thousands Of Dollars On Doctors, Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, Risky Surgery, Questionable Gimmicks. With A 60-Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.

Even If you previously have had carpal tunnel surgery and your problems are coming back,
Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Rich Pericarp Mangosteen Capsules may help you -- assuming your surgery did not cause irreparable damages.

How Much? Just $30.00 a month or even less.

Compare: Just a single consultation with a doctor will cost upwards of $250.00, and a specialist could cost you $500. If you go to a physical therapist for help, a 45-minute session could be about $100, and Carpal Tunnel Surgery including rehab could cost upwards of $50,000.


      Our Freeze Dried Mangosteen Capsules Will Not:

Freeze Dried Mangosteen Capsules Red Bullet Upset your stomach.

Freeze Dried Mangosteen Capsules Red Bullet Stress your kidneys or liver.

Freeze Dried Mangosteen Capsules Red Bullet Cause drug interactions with what you may be currently consuming.

Freeze Dried Mangosteen Capsules Red Bullet Trigger any other adverse side effects.

Extraordinary 60-Day Extended

If you're ever less than over-the-moon, the sun, stars, and rainbow satisfied with your purchase at any time, just return the unused portion within 60 days, and we'll cheerfully refund 100% of your purchase price. (NOTE: This is far more generous than the customary 'pro-rated' guarantees that merely repay you for the unused portion!)

Your Life Is Just Moments Away From Being Pain-Free - Order Now

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