Natural Home Cures - Mangosteen Fruit's Pests And Diseases


Pests: A leaf-eating caterpillar in India may be the same pest as that which attacks new mangosteen shoots in the Philippines and has been identified there as Orgyra sp. of the tussock moth family, Lymantriidae.

A small ant, Myrnelachista ramulorum, in Puerto Rico, colonizes the mangosteen tree and tunnels into the trunk and branches, damaging the new growth.

Mites can sometimes deface the mangosteen fruit with small bites and scratches.

In Asia, monkeys, bats, and rats attack fully ripe mangosteen fruits. 

Diseases: In Puerto Rico, thread blight caused by the fungus Pellicularia koleroga is often seen on mangosteen branchlets, mangosteen foliage, and mangosteen fruits of trees in shaded, humid areas. The mangosteen fruits may become coated with webbing and thus ruined.

In Malaya, the fungus Zignoella garcinease gives rise to "canker"– tuberous growths on the mangosteen branches which cause a fatal dying-back of mangosteen foliage, branches, and eventually the entire mangosteen tree. The breakdown in storage is caused by the fungus Diplodia gossypina, Pestalotia sp., Phomopsis sp., Gloeosporium sp., and Rhizopus nigricans.

The oozing of latex evidences a major physiological problem called "gamboge" onto the mangosteen fruits' and branches' outer surface during periods of heavy and continuous rains. However, it does not affect eating quality.

Fruit cracking may occur due to excessive absorption of moisture. In cracked mangosteen fruits, the flesh will be swollen and mushy. Bruising caused by the force of storms may also be an essential factor in these abnormalities.

In addition, mangosteen fruits exposed to the intense sun may also exude latex. Mangosteen produced in Honduras often has crystal-like "stones" in the flesh, which may render the mangosteen fruit completely inedible.

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