Mangosteen May Address Your Issues With Eczema

Eczema is a persistent skin condition characterized by dryness, rashes, redness, and itchiness, the formation of blisters, oozing, cracking or bleeding, often found on the flexor aspect of joints.

The most common type of eczema is atopic or allergic in origin. Foods that were found to trigger it were eggs, peanuts, chocolate, wheat, cow’s milk, chicken, and potato. Emotional stress, rough clothing, chemical irritants, bacterial infection and environmental changes all cause a flare-up. The bacteria Staphylococcus aureus complicates eczema by infecting the areas that resulted to abrasions after scratching.

Eczema is inherited but not contagious. It cannot be cured, only controlled. The symptoms are annoying, and it can be a stubborn disorder to treat. You may have tried all the topical creams, steroids, and immunosuppressants available in the market, to no avail.

A number of patients attest to the efficacy of using mangosteen for eczema. Traditionally, the rind of the fruit has been used to treat skin disorders including eczema. The anti-inflammatory nature of mangosteen accounts for the improvement of symptoms. When taken constantly, your body starts to heal and eliminates the toxins aggravating the condition.

The antibacterial power of mangosteen against Staphylococcus aureus is of value in preventing flare-ups and complications.


New Medical Finding 'Acidification May Be A Contributing Factor To Your Eczema' - But Don't Worry We Have You Covered!

A new medical study that was just recently published is finding that a number of eczema outbreaks we experience is directly related to the amount of acidic foods that we eat. Fast, refined and highly processed foods, coffee, sugary drinks, chocolate, candy, sweets, red meat, and shellfish are all contributing to your eczema.

To combat this, we need to completely overhaul our diet and eat predominantly alkaline foods (become vegetarians and eat mainly green foods like rabbits), but who wants to eat like that?

Another option is to consume our Natural Home Cures Pure Alkaline Water Drops with Bioavailable Coral Calcium. Simply drop a small sachet into 2 liters (quarts) of water or your favorite beverage and drink throughout the day.

The bioavailable coral calcium found in our Natural Home Cures Pure Alklaine Water Drops may gently and through time raise your body’s pH into a more alkaline state. Once a healthy body's pH has been restored, the excess secretion of oil should recede as well.

Our Natural Home Cures Pure Alkaline Water Drops with Bioavailable Coral Calcium also contains several trace minerals to help you address eczema such as nickel which has been well documented for reducing the body’s’ inflammatory response. Sulfur is required for the formation of healthy skin cells. Molybdenum may help those suffering from eczema by increasing the oxygenation of the skin. Molybdenum helps the body utilize iron more efficiently. Finally, germanium may help eczema as it allows oxygen to permeate deeper into tissues which may increase tissue health on a cellular level.

Another product that we offer to help you with your eczema is our Natural Home Cures Mangosteen Acai Berry Bath and Beauty Bar. The Natural Home Cures Mangosteen Acai Berry Soap is all natural with no additives, preservatives, fillers, binders, perfumes, dyes or harsh chemicals.

It is a bath and beauty bar that is created using whole and natural foods. We combine Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Rich Pericarp Mangosteen, Freeze Dried Acai Berry, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Soya Bean Extract, Coconut Milk, and the peelings of oranges for exfoliation.

A bath and beauty bar so natural and so good you almost want to eat it. Just by using this bath and beauty bar in replace of your regular bar of soap you may turn back your skin's biological clock by as much as 15 years, leaving your skin soft, supple, youthful and blemish free starting from the very first day you use it.

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