Key Minerals In Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt To Promote Vascular Health


Key Minerals In Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt To Promote Vascular Health


L inus Pauling, winner of two Nobel Prizes once stated that we could trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency. True enough and since minerals are part of our daily diet, hence the term dietary minerals. These are chemical elements required by the human body to maintain optimal health. Nutritional experts say that the requirements for dietary minerals are met simply with a conventional balanced diet. Any lack of these vital minerals can upset biochemical reactions in the body.

Among the structures in the body susceptible to a lack or excess of minerals are the blood vessels. Vascular health does not primarily focus on just the aorta organ, it mainly involves the vast network of arteries, veins and capillaries throughout the entire body as they supply the cells with food and oxygen. They are also responsible for the transport of body wastes to excretory organs to prevent them from accumulating and intoxicating or poisoning the body. Unfortunately, genetics, diet, lifestyle and environmental factors can alter the integrity of blood vessels, resulting in various vascular-related disorders such as atherosclerosis, varicosities, and peripheral vascular diseases.

Vascular health is a major concern for many people in North America. One of the main culprits of poor vascular health is high blood pressure. Thankfully, the magnesium found in Himalayan crystal salt is thought to regulate blood pressure. Potassium is another great trace mineral for vascular health and is required for proper functioning of the entire cardiovascular system. Rubidium may help to regulate levels of norepinephrine consequently regulating the body’s physiological reaction to stress which may have a beneficial effect on blood pressure levels.

Certainly, we must now consider mineral supplementation as we increasingly consume processed foods, which make minerals and other nutrients more difficult for our bodies to assimilate. The best way to acquire all the essential minerals is to incorporate Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt in our diet. These salt crystals from the Himalayas are often called salt diamonds or white gold because of their purity. The health benefits are superior because they contain at least 84 essential trace minerals that our bodies need on a daily basis. To name a few, there is potassium, chloride, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, iron, manganese, copper, iodineselenium, and molybdenum. All are essential to the human body because they have known biologic functions. Specific minerals that promote vascular health are absolutely present in the Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt. Interestingly enough, the blood that flows through the vascular channels is composed primarily of water and guess what?...salt! Other elements essential to the body include lithium, boron, carbon, aluminum, silicon, sulfur, chromium, cobalt, nickel, gallium, bromine, strontium, indium, cesium, iridium and bismuth

Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt offers a life force far superior to your common table salt of sodium and chloride. It contains a wide array of 84 trace minerals that originated from the pristine mountains of the Himalayans, created over a period of 250 million years. The human body mainly consists of water and salt. In fact, apart from the noble gasses, all the natural elements of the periodic table can be found in Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt. Therefore, it contains all natural minerals and trace elements that are found in the human body. What a remarkable, holistic, essential supplement to include in our daily diet!  The importance and purity of this salt should not be underestimated. There is no refined or processed salt anywhere that can be better than Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt.

Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt Product Reviews

“Endometriosis Cure”
Angela Laatsch of Culvert City, California
Verified Purchaser on 11/21 Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt

I wished that I had known about the benefits of Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt Sole Solution years ago. It has really helped the symptoms of Endometriosis. The fatigue from anemia, the cramps, upset stomach, the backaches, etc – your product has done what taking 5 medications could not do.


“Really Works!”
Connie Shaffer of Honolulu, Hawaii 
Verified Purchaser on 11/3Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt Reviews

My husband began consuming your Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt Sole Solution after having several episodes of cardiac arrest. He was supplementing this with other vitamins, minerals, and vigorous exercise.

His heart has gone from 10-15% to 50% of usable capacity in only 4 months. I have used the sole solution for my menstrual issues, my touch of gout and slight carpal tunnel - all seemed to have vastly improved.  We will continue to purchase from you in the future.


 “It Truly Helps”
Dan Sullivan of Miami, Florida 
Verified Purchaser on 7/12Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt Reviews

I love the Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt Sole Solution for its Anti-DVT, heart contraction enhancement and calming effect. Having suffered from congestive heart failure several years ago from a flu virus, I have enjoyed this product daily. I just had a second ablation that was successful which tells me I am no longer needing to take heart medication. In addition to improving my diet, taking other supplements and getting lots of exercises, I know the Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt played a role in my results.


 “I'm A Repeat Customer Of This Salt”
Bernice Atkins of Fairbanks, Alaska
Verified Purchaser on 2/13 Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt Reviews

I have been taking the Natural Home Cures brand of various products for the past year and a half and wanted to let others know of how generally pleased I am with your company, your staff, product offering and price.  

To give you a little background, I have cardiomyopathy and from what I have read and understood, the medicinal properties are the reason I am taking the Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Nopal capsules along with the Prickly Pear Drops and the Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Mangosteen capsules. I also use the Mangosteen Acai Berry Soap because I love the smell and what it does for my skin.

I use the Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt because it bolsters the flavor of my cooked vegetables. Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt has serious backing from the scientific community about the benefits of how this particular salt with its 84 minerals can have on the heart. Now, don't get confused with the white table salt - that's absolutely poison and I would never use it and try very hard to reduce my sodium intake where I can.

I've read that the Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt may have heart-enhancing properties, such as making your heart pump blood more efficiently as well as helping blood vessels to dilate better. My husband is a medical doctor and as he tells me that the salt is not a substitute for medical treatment. However, your products have certainly enhanced my life, in addition to my family's well-being and we will continue to take your line of health products.



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