Acai Shows Increased Level of Resistance Towards Pests and Diseases


A cai rose to international fame due to its unique biochemical composition. The acai berry has proven to have plenty of health and medicinal benefits - from weight loss to treatment for Diabetes, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's  and a variety of other health conditions.

For thousands of years, the acai berry has thrived. It has been found that acai berry shows a level of resistance to pests and diseases - from microscopic organisms to swarms of bugs and insects, the acai berry palm effectively repels them all. Farmers don't have to invest in pesticides or other chemicals to ensure a bountiful harvest making the yield cost effective.

Moreover, the acai berry palm is being used for furniture production as well as construction material since it is highly pest-resistant. Resistant to termites, the acai palm's trunk wood has long been used by the Amazon natives for building their homes. It appears that as we continue to use acai berry, this super fruit is revealing more and more of its beneficial secrets.

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