Natural Home Acai Berry Juice Processing And Additives That You Don't Want To Consume

 Acai Berry Juice Processing And Additives That You Don't Want To Consume

Liquid acai berry juice drinks are pasteurized to prevent the acai berry juice from deteriorating and becoming rancid before the bottle is opened and consumed.(1) But once you understand the real truth about the liquid acai berry juice processing and additives, you will think twice about consuming liquid acai berry juice.

Flash pasteurization is the process of heating the mangosteen juice for approximately 15–30 seconds and then immediately cooling it.(2) By only briefly subjecting the acai berry juice to high temperatures, most -- but not all -- taste and color changes are avoided. Flash pasteurization is preferred to other methods because it kills most of the microbes and destroys only some of the beneficial phytonutrients found in acai berry juice.(3)

When Natural Home Cures conducted studies through an independent research lab in Calgary Alberta between the acai berry juice and dry powder form, the following results were found.

Diabetics:  Acai berry juice is very rich in natural and man-made added sugars. These sugars can have an adverse reaction towards those who are diabetic and taking diabetic medication. Diabetics should use extreme caution when consuming acai berry juice.

Acai berry juice, also, blocks the effects of the body’s naturally produced histamines.(4) These are essential because they increase blood flow to injured or externally invaded parts of the body. Suppression of histamines can cause a major disruption in essential metabolic responses and, therefore, caution should be used when consuming mangosteen juice.

Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Acai Berry Capsules showed no adverse reactions, in our study.

Greedy suppliers, brokers, and manufacturers frequently stretch small amounts of genuine acai berry extract or powder to literally make dozens or even hundreds of liters of finished acai berry juice: reaping substantial and often obscene profits. The taste of the acai berry juice you experience could well be due to other fruit juices, citric acid, sodium benzoate and artificial flavors added during the manufacturing process of the acai berry juice.


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