Acai Fillers, Stimulants and Burns

Natural Home Cures Acai Fillers, Stimulants, and Burns
Providing No Beneficial Health Properties

Acai Fillers, Stimulants, and Burns, provide no beneficial health properties and are only used to make it appear you are getting more acai berry for less money.  Even worse, are acai berry products that add fillers and stimulants instead of real acai berries.

Filler: Is a fiber or any other ingredient added to a product to provide bulk. In short, they are useless and you get nothing out of them.

Stimulants: As the name suggests may give you the wrong impression that you feel better or you feel energized–because that’s precisely what they’re designed to do but the effects are fleeting and you may even get addicted or dependent on them. You will be far better off to sip a cup of coffee and you’ll likely experience the same effect!  This is another reason why many acai berry products are being sold at insanely low prices, it’s because they are basically public hogwash with hidden phishing tactics underneath!

Other companies tend to stuff their acai berry products with as much ‘healthy’ ingredients as possible. There are two possible explanations why they resort to this practice. They either don’t know exactly what they are doing or they just want to make their product appear and sound effective by loading their products with as many ingredients as possible – many of which have not been duly tested or proven to have health benefits.

In general, the effectiveness of any dietary supplement depends largely on its ingredients. Unfortunately, most acai berry supplements suffer from stuffing too many ingredients into the pill. Remember that acai berries are beneficial enough on their own and including an array of other ingredients simply dilutes the potency of the acai berry, making it less effective. If there are acai supplements that are quite cheap, there are also those that are outrageously expensive and this is precisely the reason for that – too many non-essential ingredients.

So the next time you purchase acai, ask yourself this question:Does the acai berry you buy contain any extracts, fillers, stimulants, or burns?

If it does, you may want to look for a more reputable provider that only offers 100% Genuine, Freeze Dried, Organic Acai Berry. The same acai berry offered to all Natural Home Cures clients.


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