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Once called, "America's epidemic", this disease is characterized by a reduced sensitivity to insulin. While there is no cure for diabetes, it can be managed by lifestyle changes such as attention to diet and exercise. Chronic inflammation is one of the often overlooked aggravators when it comes to diabetes. The xanthones in our Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Rich Pericarp Mangosteen capsules may help by reducing low-level inflammation in the body.

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I am a Type 2 Diabetic with a 220 reading and higher at meal times. I discussed with my physician homeopathic treatment options, as I did not want to take prescription medications. He suggested your Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Mangosteen Capsules, in addition to consulting with a dietician and proper exercise.

In less than two weeks of consuming your Freeze Dried Mangosteen Capsules, my blood sugar is back down to its normal level of 129 and remains as long as I continue to consume your product.
Gene Walton from Chicago Illinois



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First, it does not take a doctor to tell you watching what you eat and keeping active are essential to maintaining optimal blood sugar levels. But what you're about to learn is a targeted support that works like a charm when you add it to your daily routine.


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It's called Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Mangosteen capsules made from the rich pericarp.

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I Was Diagnosed With Type II Diabetes With The A-1 Test At 7.9. With The Prescribed Metformin, 850mg Daily….3 Months After I Began Consuming Your Product, My Blood Sugar Readings Are Consistently Below 100!


Two years ago, I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes with the A-1 test at 7.9. With the prescribed Metformin, 850mg daily, a year later it was 7. I'd run out of my medication around that time that I began consuming your Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Mangosteen & didn’t refill it. 90 days later, my doctor did another A-1 test & was stunned I was 5.9! He said he had no idea what I was doing but keep it up. 3 months after I began consuming your product, my blood sugar readings are consistent below 100.

Tina Dennis from Woodland Hills, California



So How Does It Work?

Diabetes Type-1, the more serious of the two variants, makes up about 10% of all cases and is usually noted at a young age - hence, the term "Juvenile Diabetes".(1) Type-1 is an autoimmune disease of which the cause is unknown and it cannot be prevented.(2) The scientific community still has a murky understanding of why the body's immune system destroys the cells that release insulin, eventually eliminating the ability to produce insulin altogether. Without insulin, cells cannot absorb the sugar (glucose) they need to produce energy. Those afflicted with Type-1 will experience sudden spikes of very high blood sugars, causing symptoms so severe, medical attention is required immediately. Episodes of hypoglycemia, low blood sugars, are also common.

The cause of diabetes Type-2 is understood a little better. In Type-2, the body is unable to use the insulin effectively; this is called insulin resistance. In those with susceptibility, eating a diet high in sugar or complex carbohydrates can cause the body to stop responding to insulin in a normal manner. Type-2 diabetes, which was formerly only found in adults, is now increasingly being diagnosed in young children. High processed foods in the western diet is a major contributing factor.

Without insulin, the sugar from the food you eat cannot enter the body’s cells. Sugar will circulate in the bloodstream, but it cannot be utilized for energy. As a result, a decreased or no insulin response starves your body at the cellular level.(3)

Diabetes is a serious disease with very serious consequences. Both types can increase a person's range for serious complications and is the leading cause of blindness and kidney failure. There is a critical risk for heart attack, stroke, and leg or foot amputations. Thankfully, you can help to avoid diabetes and may even be able to manage symptoms by using our Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Rich Pericarp Mangosteen. 

New research indicates that the nutrients in our Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Rich Pericarp Mangosteen regulate blood sugars by acting as a natural insulin in your body which is critical when addressing diabetes.

The primary role of insulin is to gather sugar from your blood and take it to your cells for energy. Proper diet and exercise are essential to keeping this process in check. But now -- with the natural power of our Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried  Rich Pericarp Mangosteen, you can give your body's sugar metabolism extra support. When scientists put mangosteen to the test in a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial; the results were very promising. Researchers gave one group the mangosteen while another group received a placebo for 90 days. Both groups were advised to eat a healthy diet and engage in moderate exercise. Then, the researchers measured each person's blood sugar after 45 and 90 days. The group consuming our Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried  Rich Pericarp Mangosteen experienced... 

  • Decreases in fasting blood glucose levels
  • Decreases in postprandial blood glucose levels
  • Decreases in A1C level

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Don't put yourself through one more day of worry and guilt, or spend one more week dreading your next doctor's visit. Things could finally be different; you owe it to yourself to see what our Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Rich Pericarp Mangosteen capsules for Diabetes made from the rich pericarp could do for you!

My Sugar Was As High As 18 And In As Little As One Week After Taking Your Product It Dropped To 7!

I have Type 2 diabetes and started using the famous brand “X” mangosteen for over two and a half years but found that my sugars were climbing too high.  I was also taking as much as 4 tablets of 500mg metformin a day while consuming brand X..

In February 2008, after being introduced to Natural Home Cures Mangosteen, my sugar was as high as 18 and in as little as one week after taking your product it dropped to 7 with the doctor cutting me down to just 1000 mgs of metformin a day.

I truly wish I had found Natural Home Cures 5 years ago as my brand X was costing me $250.00 a month, where Natural Home Cures only costs $30.00 a month for both my wife and myself.

My wife is also taking your product with good results and I must say that your customer service is also very satisfactory so keep up the good work.

(10:40 min Audio)
George Lamothe of Gr Calumet Island Quebec Canada


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Fact is... the longer you remain stuck in the “Diabetes Trap” of continually “needing” more and higher doses of medications, the more long-term havoc your diabetes complications will wreak on your heart, kidneys, pancreas, brain and the rest of your body and life.

Sadly, medications commonly prescribed in the treatment of diabetes are not attacking the disease; medications are designed to treat the symptoms.

And because these medications cause other health problems (side effects), your doctor ends up prescribing more medications to “control” those new symptoms… which cause yet further “side effects”… and render your original medications less effective, so your doctor doubles or quadruples your original dosages… and this vicious cycle just goes on and on...

So we ask you…

      • If you want to lower your diabetes blood sugar and keep it at a healthy level.
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